E-Commerce Market, Facts And How To Avoid Online Fraud

By | June 10, 2020

Online business is a fraud, and online business is profiteering.

Amazon.com is the world’s largest online business website, providing you with a platform to sell anything. There is a seal from the needle to the plane. That website didn’t go up so much overnight, the people of America and around the world have a big hand in getting it up and making its owner Jeff Bezos rich. Take China’s Alibaba website. Its owner is one of the ten richest people in the world. The owners of these two websites not only became rich themselves but also helped them become rich by providing employment to tens of millions of people and became the inspiration of millions of young people. Called them e-commerce. At present, e-commerce in the world (I have just checked the facts) has become a market of 23 hundred billion dollars. Yes, 23 hundred billion dollars, the Pakistani market of 40,000 billion rupees annually, and every other slave in Pakistan still thinks.

“Online business is a fraud …”

And every servant thinks that fraud in online business always makes the businessman. It’s been a year and a half, in the field of e-commerce, believe me, I have seen such frauds from buyers that I would write three books if I sat down to write. If we are ordered a hundred suits. So twenty suits out of a hundred must come back and come back like that. “Refuse to take” means we placed an order … we paid for the shipment … and further when the courier calls that your suit has arrived. So they say, “I don’t want to …” Who did the fraud happen to?

The story of the girl wrote here yesterday, which cost me twelve and a half thousand rupees. Who was that fraud with?

I’m not saying that there is no fraud with buyers, but let me know. Where does it not happen? Wouldn’t there be people on Amazon, eBay, Alibaba who would make people lime?

Is Online Business Fraud? Did they stop believing in e-commerce?

Where are you guys wrong? Why is there fraud with you people? When shopping from any page or any website, read the ranking of this page, it’s the rating, and it’s reverse. Check his address, whether he has given any address, which product you are buying. Ask for original photos. Originally refers to this guy. Let me take a picture with their mobile camera or if there is something expensive, let me make a short video of it. Ask for their helpline number or inquiry number before ordering.

What is it that people abroad do when they shop with e-commerce, but you don’t?

Here it is, Ed saw. Immediately asked a question and ordered a suit or something. They did not meet the standards, so the whole Pakistan e-commerce market began to weigh on the same scales. These are all frauds. It’s as if you bring a suit from the store, so he doesn’t slap you. E-commerce is a fraud, but God has handed over the shops to the angels.

Now the big brands have come to e-commerce. So they are also frauds? Interestingly, these people are satisfied by buying something from big brands for twelve hundred rupees for twelve thousand rupees, but by giving an extra five hundred rupees on a small page, they say that it is an illegitimate profit.

Is It Because Of These People That The Thinking Of These Countries Became This?

Change your policy and your habits regarding online shopping. You have the right to ask questions. Ask a question, Invite videos. Get a feedback inquiry number. Encourage e-commerce. This is a huge market. If you encourage people, then millions of young people in this country will be connected to this market. Now, if you curse the whole e-commerce market based on hearsay or a couple of bad experiences, then millions of young people in this country will remain unemployed.

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